Killer Website Graphics

Killer Website GraphicsClick Image To Visit SiteHi, my name is Mike… Just an ordinary graphics designer. But I promise to be a HERO for business people around me. LOL

I’ve worked for 3 years as a graphic designer at an advertising and graphic design company (offline company). I have made dozens of minisite designs, website designs and blog template designs (design only), and specially for advertising media (brochures, logos, banners… etc). With my 3 years experience, let me know what kind of designs that are FAVORED by marketers… and very ATTRACTIVE for the consumer’s eye!
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RCPowers.comClick Image To Visit SiteI want to fly some cool RC jets but I’m not sure what to get? We aren’t sure what to fly either which is why we bring 5 to the field. People are always surprised when we pull out our planes and toss one in the air. They always ask, “Where did you get that?” We tell them we made them and they have a hard time believing us. Why pay big bucks for a store bought RC plane that’s just going to break and they won’t even sell you parts to fix it? Why not… Read more…

Funny Jokes – Free Joke Book Packed With The Funniest Jokes

Funny Jokes - Free Joke Book Packed With The Funniest JokesClick Image To Visit SiteBilly and Pa’ were walking in the woods when they came across a sign saying, "Tree Fellers wanted".

A man is driving along in the Irish countryside, when he comes to a petrol station, since he’s in need of petrol, the man decides to stop. He says to the attendant at the station, "Fill it up, will you?". The man says "Sorry – we’re right out of petrol." So the man considers, and says "Well, I’m a bit low on oil, would you mind topping that up?" And the attendant responds "Sorry, but no oil either." The man thinks, and asks… Read more…

How to cowboy up and stop being such a pussy

How to cowboy up and stop being such a pussyClick Image To Visit SiteIf you or another male you know carries a man purse, visits tanning salons, wears a bicycle helmet, or listens to Kenny G, then this is a must read. Skip the pitch, and drop to the bottom of the page to buy.

"I thought a bicycle helmet was manditory. I had no idea it made me look like such a wimp." – Brent M. New York "I used to play high school football, I was pretty good in fact. I never thought I had a problem- until reading Max’s book, I didn’t even realize I was drinking through a straw, only… Read more…

Comedy Writing System E-book – Write Comedy Now

Comedy Writing System E-book - Write Comedy NowClick Image To Visit SiteHi Everyone! I’ve been working my butt off to put together this e-book. Finally, after months of trying to make sure I put everything in the book that I cover in a weekend seminar, plus a couple of cool bonuses, it’s ready!!

This comedy writing system is powerful. I give you multiple ways to write comedy from scratch on virtually any subject!
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Master Chi Power

Master Chi PowerClick Image To Visit SiteFind out as Steve Fearson teaches you a secret technique he developed after a lifetime of searching for the ultimate way to affect objects from a distance. What he has discovered is

In this video you will learn a powerful technique that when mastered will enable you to move objects from a distance. Steve’s explanation will make you look at the concept of "Chi Energy" in a whole new way.
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Learn to do Magic Tricks at! Tricks and Magic Videos for Download

Learn to do Magic Tricks at!  Tricks and Magic Videos for DownloadClick Image To Visit SiteEven a beginner can learn to use the Master Levitation System and it will be like you’ve moved to the head of the class as far as your audience is concerned. You can do card tricks all day that require tons of complex sleights and countless hours of practice and still not get the same reaction that you’ll receive from performing one quick levitation. The levitation is the trick that your audience will remember and talk about long after your performance is over. Float coins, rings, cards,…

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The Ultimate Mind Reading Trick

The Ultimate Mind Reading TrickClick Image To Visit SiteDetailed Description of the Ultimate Mind Reading Trick You tell the spectator that you have 10 cards and that each card has the name of 10 different countries on it. You let the spectator examine the cards to see that there is a total of 100 countries and that they are all different and that there are 10 different countries on each card. You now ask the spectator to just think of any of the 100 countries and keep it a secret. Once the spectator has chosen a country you simply ask him/her to tell you what card has… Read more…