Poker Manual – A Guaranteed Income for Life

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This is a rare but spectacular bluff that requires a player to be in a hyper-alert state to detect and execute. The play is called the "coup de coup." It requires the early detection of a potentially successful bluff by an opponent, helping him execute the bluff by driving out… Read more…

Kickass™ Poker Secrets

Kickass™ Poker SecretsClick Image To Visit SiteProfessional Poker Player, Jonathan Little Reveals in Painstaking Detail His Closely Guarded Secrets to No Limit Texas Hold’em That Helped Him Earn $4,292,421 and Become a 2-Time World Poker Tour® Champion. He Wants to Help YOU Maximize Your Profits, Follow in His Footsteps, and Realize Your FULL Potential as a Poker Player.

"That’s Great Jonathan, But How Are You Going To Help ME Become A Winning Poker Player?"
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Poker Strategy – The Great White Shark Online Teaxs Hold’em Poker System

Poker Strategy - The Great White Shark Online Teaxs Hold'em Poker SystemClick Image To Visit SiteImagine this scenario. You are sitting at a virtual seat in your favourite poker room and the cards are dealt. You look down and see an Ace and a Queen, off suit. A nice hand. Definately playable. But how good is your hand compared to what your opponents have? If it is checked to you, do you raise? If so, how much? If you rise and get re-raised, what do you do? How would you act if you were dealt 77 or A9? This system will show you how.

“…I just wanted to say that I was beginning to… Read more…